Lisa Niles – President

During 2013, Lisa’s mother was diagnosed with dementia.  After doing extensive research for her mother’s care, she discovered the healthcare sector needed to concentrate more on a patient’s care.  That care is from cost, care, and custom guidance  which reflects what a patient need and what their health insurance will provide.

Lisa has always had a passion for caring and protecting others.  She was initially in law enforcement for over 20 years.  She earned a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Everest University in the state of Florida and prior to that, a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Kutztown University in the state of Pennsylvania.

During 2015, Lisa was searching for a different concept in the medical arena, which would care for patients in a quality, economical and practical way.  In other words, she was looking for convenience, comfort, low cost and a way their care would be in compliance with their health insurance plan.

As President of Sunrise Telemedical, Lisa will be active in leading functions that will reflect her passion on helping others along with unifying patients with enhanced quality care along with assisting the healthcare areana with favorable billing options.

Lisa lives in Birdsboro, PA with her husband John and their daughter Cara.